About Me

Here's the 4-1-1

Welcome to my blog!  After graduating college 10 years ago, I got my first big girl job at an office, and I couldn't wait to start!  A professional email address, a cube with all my belongings, and a sense of professionalism! Say no more and sign me up for the real world! Turns out, corporate America is nothing like your favorite rom com movie that you watch on E! every Saturday morning with your cup of coffee   The job itself was so boring and I couldn't stand sitting in my cube for 9 hours a day looking at those once white walls now stained with coffee and some other unknown substances. And that carpet! It looked like it belonged in a dentist office waiting room back in 1993.  Needless to say, my first month there was hell and I was already looking for a new job. While actually receiving a job offer can take months, I decided that I needed a quick fix to make my days "cuter".  That was when I began searching for adorable office supplies that could brighten my area, and make sitting at that desk all day slightly more bearable. After a makeover and some new supplies, I  received tons of compliments.  All my female coworkers, as well as my friends and family, were asking where I got my decor, and I found myself showing off my "home away from home" to my friends and family. I then thought "why not create a blog and inspire all those other miserable people who hate their jobs as well?" So, here we are. I started my blog out featuring cute office decor, but I will begin moving into home decor as well, because who doesn't want their living room to look like it jumped straight out of a Pinterest post? Thanks for reading and I hope your Sundays become a lot less scary when thinking about heading into the office. Cheers and happy 9-5!